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MAY 2006

Sydney Weekender    

Complimentary Orange dinghy
Little motor is an extra $25 per night
Please book this in advance.Most likely not available if you decide on the day of your hire.



   33 ft Houseboat ( 2 of these )   (2-6 Berth, 4 adults maximum plus 2 children under 12, great for 1 or 2 couples or a young family, size of a large caravan)
   45 ft Houseboat ( 3 of these )   (2-10 Berth, great for a 1 or 2 families or up to 5 couples, size of a small apartment or cabin, best with 2-6, ok for 8, but 10 is a squeeze)
   These numbers cannot be exceeded while driving the houseboat. The same laws exist for your car. No exceptions. A few visitors are allowed while on anchor or on a mooring.      
   All Male and all female groups are only allowed if everyone is over the age of 40   see below for more details.

    Midweek hires can be booked 1pm Monday or Tuesday to 1pm Thursday with the option to extend to Friday if a weekend hire has not been booked.
    This option can be taken up on the Wednesday afternoon during your hire. In General, we don't finish any hires on a Friday or Saturday.

 Hires cannot be booked to start on a Sunday or end on a Friday or Saturday. (you can return on a Saturday but your hire price will include that night)


       Prices Table
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       Please note:   Midweek hires are 1pm Monday to 1pm Thursday only.

FREE  PARKING  for your car, camper and boat trailer here at the marina.

Motoring Hours Fee - (the houseboat hire prices are based on a user pays structure)
A fee of $25.00 per motoring hour applies to cover the cost of servicing, replacing motors and fuel usage.
Past hires have produced an average of 2-3 motoring hours per day. 
There are no other costs.

We do not charge for pump-out and rewatering. (some houseboat hire companies do charge for this)
Your hire price includes gas usage of up to 2 x 9kg gas bottles and one extra BBQ gas bottle.

No-one has run out of gas since we bought the business here in 2008. This includes hires of  2-3 weeks in length.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Direct Deposit or cash.

For pricing on the above tables, we are very flexible and hires can be any number of nights. (Up to 14 nights, 1 night will be charged as 2)
There are 2 "hire dates"conditions.

In General...
1/  Hires cannot  finish on a Friday or Saturday.  You may book a return date on a Saturday but the hire will be priced to include that night.
      It may be possible to return on a Friday if there is no weekend booking for your boat. This option can be taken up on the Wednesday afternoon during your hire.

2/  Hires cannot be booked to start on a Sunday.     A Hire may be possible starting on a Sunday but the option will only be there if the boat
isn't booked for the previous weekend.  Please book from Monday and call a couple of days before to take up this option if available.

Hire Times: All Hires are counted on nights not days. Hires commence with boarding at 1pm first day and terminates 1pm on the last day,
(4pm return on all Sundays, also Mondays on Long weekends).
Extended times may be available at no extra cost if the houseboat
is not booked for the same day.  A time can be organized 48 hrs before the day, this offer is more likely to eventuate outside school holiday times.

We will do our best to get you underway as soon as possible depending on the circumstances of the day. 
Most hirers get underway between 3 and 4 pm.  There may be up to 5 boats leaving on the same day.
Your briefing may be done by watching a DVD on your boat or someome will do the briefing in person.
You can ask questions and ask for a demonstration of anything once you watch the DVD if it's not done in person. 
Starting the motors and a revision of anchoring and mooring will also be done in person.

Prices include GST (Goods and Services Tax).  Prices are subject to alteration without notice. Paying your deposit locks in the price.

A $500 deposit is needed to secure most bookings. A $1000 deposit is required on hires over $3000. 

The balance is paid on the day of the hire except hires during NSW and Queensland Public school holidays where the balance is required 4 weeks before the start
of the school holidays.   Christmas school holiday balance required before 1st December.

In general, whilst on hire, we require a $1000.00 security bond for the duration of your holiday. You may choose this to be done with a credit card authorization or we can
hold  a cash bond. IF you pay a cash bond, then please bring your bank account details with you as we do not return cash. It will be returned by direct deposit into a
bank account.  Your hire fee includes insurance for damage or loss for amounts above the insurance excess which is $2000.

All bonds include up to $150 for cleaning if the boat is not returned with basic housekeeping done. 

Additional Items For Hire   ( see photos above, to the left of  the prices table )
Outboard Motor for the dinghy ($25 per day, to a maximum of  $100) We don't include the cost of a motor in every hire as not everyone wants to use a motor.
In most cases, you can anchor as close as 20m from shore, so that's as far as you will need to row. 

Additional Conditions...(updated 19/02/15)

  • Age and gender:
    Mixed male and female groups.

    At least 1 person per group must be over the age of 25. This can be wavered at the management's discretion but an additional $2000 bond may be required.
    If everyone on board is under 40 then the bond is $3000.00. (Except for Families with under 12 year olds, bond is $1000.00)
    Return hirers whom we accept again will have a $1000.00 bond.
    All male or all female groups.
    These groups are allowed if everyone is over the age of 40. 
    If you arrive and you are an all male or all female group under 40's, without our written (emailed) permission, you will not be allowed to take the hire and you will lose any moneys paid.
    ( Father and son, Mother and daughter, or Couples will be accepted )

    These tougher conditions are a result of recent experiences, unfortunately, the minority of badly behaved groups spoil it for everyone.

  • Pets:
    Sorry no pets allowed. The lakes are protected by National Park's laws.
  • No firearms allowed on board.

  • Restrictions:
    You have full access to the Myall Lakes (over 3 times the size of Sydney Harbour). 
    No access south of Tamboy. ( river between Tea Gardens and the Lakes )
    No access to jetties or wharves

             You must arrive at the marina at least 3.5 hours before the official sunset time.  This is due to the available daylight needed to pack your houseboat,
              receive the briefing, navigate the river and reach the first available anchorage. If you arrive later than this time or you take too long packing the boat, you will stay on your houseboat at the
              marina and leave the next morning.  (the houseboat must be pulling away from the marina 2+  hours before sunset. )

 Please read all our conditions of hire before booking.  You can Enquire on-line now, or give us a call. 8am til 8pm any day.
A page of frequently asked questions is  available. Still not convinced that this would be the perfect holiday? Read about our media reviews and customer feedback.


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