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Myall  Lakes  INFO AND MAP


Your holiday starts with a stunning river cruise..  The river is very deep along its entire length from the Bulahdelah Marina to the rivermouth....  it is deep to the edges, no sandbars.  





Many hirers spend their first night at the Rivermouth Lagoon before going out onto the lakes.

        Out on the lakes.





                     Take a 10 min walk to the Ocean beach at Mungo Brush
Mungo Brush    Mungo Brush Ocean Beach 

    45' Houseboat 2-10 people                                          new fridge/freezer
 Coher 45       
                                                                                     Bring a portable cot which will fit between the 2 double beds downstairs.
       33' Houseboat 2-4 people (extra 1 or 2 preschoolers allowed)

        33      33      33 

     33      33      33   


   Out for some fun, tow your own boat behind.  Clear FRESH water, no jellyfish or stingers of any kind.


     And the fishing?

    When Deb and Gary returned from their 5 days away ( November 2014)  they told us about how they "drifted" across the top lake and caught these impressive Bream.
      "Lovely sweet white meat" caught in clear fresh water.. Thanks for sending your photos in..




                                             Birdwatcher's paradise


                                                                      This is Rajah Shellduck. A permanent resident to the Myall area, normally only found in Far North Queensland and Northern Territory.



                          And finally,   the sunsets.





                          Colleen and Brett arrived late, after sunset, so they stayed their first night on the jetty here at Bulahdelah. We got them underway at sunrise...It's what they wanted!
                                                                                         ...they were delighted and sent me these fabulous photos of the river trip. Thankyou


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